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J Fleming

Killowen Primary key stage 2 class

We are currently keeping in line with statutory requirements for the implementation of the revised curriculum.  However, we are already a step ahead as we have been piloting one of its main components – Assessment for Learning. As well as the main curriculum areas in Killowen we offer:

Jolly Phonics – a system of learning sounds which suits every type of learner

Guided Reading – a technique to really teach children to continually improve their reading

Accelerated Reading – Encourages independent reading where children set personal targets and enjoy taking quizzes.

Primary Movement – helps switch off any reflexes from childhood which should not have been retained and may hinder development

 U.I.C.T. – computers in every classroom means I.C.T. is integrated into all curricular areas. 1:1 use of iPads in every classroom.

Swimming - from P5.  We benefit from expert coaching in a wide range of sports and children participate in various teams

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Spanish – all classes

Philosophy – P4 - P7

Developing a community of enquiry

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